We challenge you to expect more from the city, our students, and ourselves. We challenge you to join us in showing others that a small group of dedicated individuals can make a difference!  




Transforming high schools in the inner-city will not occur overnight. It will require a team of bright, ambitious minds including committed volunteer advocates who bring a lifetime of unique experiences and expertise. It will require collaborative effort, flexible and creative thinking, and most importantly, a belief that together we can support public education. 

That is why it is our privilege to introduce our pilot 12+ Inter-Generational Mentor Program, a one-year engagement that opens a channel for mature volunteers to help transform the culture of inner-city high schools. You will be on the frontline of our mission to inspire our students to dream bigger than they ever have before.




The IGM Experience

- Work intensively with our Freshmen class during their critical transition to high school

- Guide 12 Freshmen through the 12+ Introduction Program 

- Build encouraging relationships and identify students in need of additional support 

Responsibilities: Planned weekly sessions with students, team meetings to monitor and evaluate student progress, and quarterly involvement in student activities 

Requirements: 10-15 hour/ week commitment for one complete school year; security clearances 

Qualifications: Enthusiastic, creative, hard working, resourceful, and love kids. Team players who want to do something meaningful and “give back” something positive. 

Training: Volunteers are trained and fully supported. You will be given an opportunity to work with some exceptional students and teammates, all with the promise that you that you will be an important member of our team.

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