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$32746/$30,000 PLEDGED ANNUALLY



For this year’s holiday campaign, we’re asking 100 of you to go #12for12plus - 12 months of new or increased giving to help our students soar beyond the 12th grade. Even $12 a month can help a senior get the advising and access to resources they need to succeed - $25 can help two! And if we reach our goal of 100 monthly donors by the end of the year, we’ll be that much closer to building a NEW Plus Center in 2019 and work with hundreds of new students.

We call our monthly donors our “Plus Ones” because more than your donation, we want YOU! As a Plus One, you are a member of our community and a champion for our students and education equity. As such, you will be able to represent and engage with us and our work by getting our exclusive gear, access to special 12+ events, discounts at our soon-to-be-launched online store, and of course, regular updates about our students and their successes! And for those donors who opt to join or increase their giving during this campaign, they will have their names featured in the new Plus Center once it’s complete.

In our short history, we’re so proud of what we’ve been able to accomplish but we’re just getting started. Will you help us write the next chapter of the Story of 12+?

*equivalent $25/month donors.





$12/Month: Freshman

  • Equals providing advising and support to one senior

  • “Half Full”/”Believe+Act+Inspire” Mug OR “More Than A Room” Tote

  • Monthly Donor Pin, Sticker, and handwritten thank you

$25/Month: Sophomore

  • Equals providing advising and support to two seniors

  • “Make Positive Happen” Shirt & Previous Tier 12+ gear

  • 25% Discount to Spring Gala

$50/Month: JunioR

  • Equals providing advising and support to FOUR seniors

  • “Twelve+” Beanie & Previous Tier 12+ gear

  • 50% Discount to Spring Gala

$100/Month: Senior

  • Equals providing advising and support to EIGHT seniors

  • Previous Tier 12+ gear including both “Half Full”/”Believe+Act+Inspire” mug and “More Than A Room” tote

  • One free ticket to Spring Gala

$150 or More/Month: Graduate

  • Equals providing advising and support to TWELVE seniors

  • Previous Tier 12+ gear

  • Two free tickets to Spring Gala


New Plus One MONTHLY Donors!

Thu Pham

Sarah Min

Jesse Kohler

Danny John

Samantha and Ed Kim

Karen Elliott

Joseph Oh

Chris Chi

Jeff Lau

Hannah Tam

Cindy Wee

Steph Matula

Simon and Sarah Tam

John Hui

Joseph Im

Elena Chit

Dan Leung

Lina Huang

Jeary Shin

Grace Chang

Billy Kim

Nathalie Torres

Karis Tzeng

Samuel Yang

Mina Kim

Frank Chou

Tina Carugno

Chris and Sharon Hwang

James Wee

Wes and Julia Wu

Francisco Garcia

Mark Cherles

Jeffrey Brillhart

Jared Lee

Jin Sun

Insoo Jang

Carol Yeagley

Gina Saylor

Lisa and Johnny Oh

Evelyn Gutierrez

Jason Lee

Matt McConnell

Paul Nolan

Sarah Kim

Jamie & Lori McDonnell

Matthew Dong

Mitchell Butler

James Yu

Christine Chang

Esther Eunjin Kim

Mary Summers

Cameron Butler

Denise McAloose

Dustin Kim

Jag Talon

Laurie Kodash

Cheryl Tam

Brendan McDonnell

Bion Kim

Deetta Lassance

Brian Lee

Roger Young

Neil Rivers

Stone Zhang

Rosemary Ellis

Henry Yeagley

Dennis & Dora Poon

Jonathan Chen

Michael Russo

Lynn and Mark Coletta

Michelle Cho

Nicolette Lee

Carolyne Amanullah

David Lee

Judy Johnson

Soraya Amanullah

Michele Butler

Laura Cheng

Jane Chung

Erica Tan

Karl and Rachel Li

Beth Holstein

Jacob Walker

Susan and Jack Burger

David Park

Suejin Kim

David Thorp

Abe Kwon

Teddy Liu

Albert Pak

Ashley Kwon

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