...requires the efforts from people all across the board. We have had the privilege of working with college students, non-profits, volunteers from different walks of life in an attempt to build a college-going culture in Philadelphia. There are many ways to get involved, so please explore this page and contact us anytime. 




VOLUNTEER Spotlight:

Mini Olympics: 12+ hosted its first annual Mini Olympics for its PLUS Leaders. Our students ran in relays, duked it out in tug-of-war, and participated in some more "unconventional" - but friendly - competitions. The result: an action-packed Saturday morning filled with team-building and fun. Our Volunteers helped with everything from refereeing the events to participating in the games!



CHAPTER Spotlight: 

Sophie's Birthday Campaign:  One of our chapter heads from UPenn, Sophie, donated her birthday to raise money for 12+. She made an incredible video, rallied her friends and family, and raised over $1800 for 12+! Needless to say, our chapters are an incredible source of motivation and energy for our organization.