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We believe that our students are all noteworthy. This month, we invite you to join us in encouraging them on their journey to postsecondary education and beyond. We partnered with our talented friend, Christy Chang, to create this inspirational story about our students.

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This year, 12+ will be giving supporters a chance to not only give financially, but also share their words of encouragement with our students. With each donation, supporters will have the chance to write positive notes, which will then be printed and pasted on our "Noteworthy Boards" at our partner schools. 

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[8.5 x 8.5 B&W Message]

[8.5 x 8.5 Colored Note]

[8.5 x 11 Colored Note w/ Stickers]

[12 x 12 Colored Note w/ Stickers]

[11 x 17 Colored Note + Stickers + Border]

[13 x 19 Colored Note + Stickers + Pro Frame]

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Day 30:  4/30/2014 (5PM)

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Throughout the months of April and May, we will be updating our website with the latest pictures of our boards! Check out our FACEBOOK PAGE for shout-outs!

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We'd like to introduce you to our 12+ internal lingo.

Funsie: anything that is fun, entertaining, and generally puts a smile on your face.

Example: I can't wait to check out the funsies on this page!

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A message from a 12+ Fellow to a student, advisor to a mentee, friend to a friend


In What Sense?

Little Malcolm

Your tall, 6' 2" stature equips you with the eyes of an eagle

Strong upper body strength lends itself advantageous to scoring points in the paint

I admire the selection of words of wisdom that leaves imprints of impression

That I may understand the depth and the width of your modern sophistication

Your stellar academics and immovable integrity are greatly admirable alongside the Kings and Queens of the motherland

Let truth be known, before it's gone with the breeze, my brother, by means necessary


Growing Malcolm

You may see the heads of others but Others sculpt the head of yours

The athleticism is engineered my friend and not intrinsic, heed poachers in a coach disguise 

Your articulacy is diagnosed as a third grader, but let your voice speak

Although your vocal chords are cut short like a tamed sub-Saharan lion

Do they not know you are the ruler of your own will beyond the building that fosters ignorance?

Let truth be known, before it's gone with the wind, my brother, by the means necessary


Grown Malcolm

Your height gives foresight to those who generalize you

They congeal limitations of your potential within their subconsciousness

Let Others scream, they will be labeled as criminals, let you scream, they will label you as a terrorist

Do not run from fear because that is true resignation; rather, let cuts heal as scars

Pain may heal with time, but the true warrior never aches under the oppression of Others

Let truth be known, before it's gone with the storm, my brother, by all means necessary



Leadership is easily practiced in the external realm, the inner realm is what challenges the human essence

Faith is where the heart sleeps, the clinching fists rest, and the consciousness relies

Are those trapped quiet? Or do they knock on the cage for escape? Or honor?

Others will make a legend of your failures but whisper your success as suspicious

Do not proudly display your wisdom and might, kneel before your ancestors

Let truth be known, before it's gone with the time, my brother, by any means necessary


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