Life of a Fellow: Ebony

Our PLUS Leader program gives our students an opportunity to have a positive impact on their school and community. All our students are capable of academic commitment and pursuing a postsecondary path, acting to create positive change, and inspiring others to Believe + Act + Inspire. Our PLUS Leaders gain leadership skills, learn to identify personal leadership strengths, and build effective teams.

Our PLUS Leaders participate in workshops such as The Definition of Leadership, Leadership Styles, Leadership in Communities, and How Values and Priorities Define Leadership. Additionally, our PLUS leaders participate in a service project and Mini-O’s, which are my favorite things about the PLUS Leaders program.

Service Project

Our fall cohort of PLUS Leaders decided to use their service project  to give KHSA some confidence. While some of our students were taking the Keystone tests, our PLUS Leaders passed out care packages including inspirational quotes, a snack, and a small notebook. Additionally, our plus leaders created an interactive mural in the back of our cafeteria. This mural allowed our students to share personal definitions of confidence, areas of strength, and areas of growth/improvement.


“PLUS LEADERS! We have gathered here at 42 Wallaby Way in Sydney to start the fight against villains everywhere who are trying to squash the 12+ mission to Believe, Act, and Inspire!“

The theme for this year’s Mini-O’s was Pixar! This day consists of games and events that teach leadership skills. Our PLUS Leaders who participate use many of the leadership skills acquired during our workshops. Each PLUS Leader is assigned a team based on qualities and characteristics they identify with. This year, I was the leader of Team Toy Story (Loyalty) and led our PLUS Leaders to victory.  Our PLUS Leaders used communication skills to interact and work through relays, identified individual leadership styles in order to work together well, and encouraged fellow teammates to keep working hard.  After a series of relays including Bridging the Gap, the Ultimate 12+ Relay, and Chocolate Pimple Burn, Toy Story Team was determined to keep our winning streak alive. We joined forces with Team Ratatouille (Openness) for a game of kickball against Team Inside Out (Self Awareness) and Team Finding Nemo (Determination). Though our kickball game ended with a tie, we redeemed ourselves during Tank and Driver and won the overall prize. Our team truly exemplified #believe, #act, #inspire, and took home backpacks because we demonstrated the ability to "keep it all together" and carry the weight of their teams on their back.

    The service project and the Mini-O’s are two opportunities for our PLUS Leaders to utilize the leadership skills that are sharpened during our workshops. Many of our PLUS Leaders were confused about where they can be a leader and how they will be able to lead in these situations. Having these two opportunities allows our PLUS Leaders to find the confidence in themselves to lead. I am honored to be part of both the service project and Mini-O's because our PLUS Leaders stepped up to the plate in the time of need and took charge.

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