A Challenge


An open letter to future fellows:

dearest recent college grad,
you are equipped with the tools that will enable you to pursue opportunity;
your future looks bright, teeming with potential and possibility.
you are empowered, sprinkled with thoughts of hope and change--
with just the right hint of shameless idealism.
you learn that poverty and injustice are true realities, 
and deeply entrenched within the fabric of our society.
yet your passion for real change is unfazed, undeterred, &
consistently tugs at the margins of your consciousness 
to the core of your very being.
in the quietest hours you begin to question: 
you want to know the "how" or "what," 
but most importantly, the "why."
therefore i challenge you--
to live out your values,
to see every moment as an opportunity to create lasting impact. 
become part of an organization that carries more than just heart,
but conviction in its practice; radically give, learn, and receive.

Join the movement -- and the 12+ family. Be the change you wish to see in the world, in Philadelphia, and in the lives of many students. 
deadline: 02/20