Life of a Fellow: Gabby

Meet Gabby: Florida native, graduate of the University of Florida with a major in journalism, Hamilton aficionado, pop culture expert, avid museum-goer, photographer, and Fellow at Penn Treaty!

“Celebrate good times, come on!”

It was normal to hear a student singing in the hallway before school, but this song was different. It was the song we played for each senior when they submitted their first college application. Much to our delight, our celebrations were flooding into the hallways and were becoming a part of the school culture.

Recently, we had a bunch of students in the center together, and one of them, James, successfully submitted a college application. Right before he hit the submit button, Mahde, one of our other seniors, told me hurriedly, “Wait, you gotta play the music before he finishes his application!”

College-going culture is contagious, and the 12+ team at Penn Treaty planned our College Week in hopes that it would add fuel to the fire. As one of our biggest projects for the first semester, we organized several events to get the entire school excited for their post-secondary plans.

I hope you enjoy the following video, which will give you a little taste of College Week at Penn Treaty High School!

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