No Role Models

Did you know holding a pen between the fingers is the wielding of a sword?

The conception of creativity and knowledge spilled on untainted paper of pristine

My, write a narrative that I’ll have nothing to compare it with

Story old souls never heard and leaving posterity scrutinizing every word

Create a free bird with wings equipped with a fiery fate that won’t wait for a slower pace

Let it drink from a fountain of freedom and roar a chirp to other flocks the liberation of its taste

Therefore take the sword and break the chaining chains


Did you know that you carry the weight of your future on your back?

A pouch with a zipper fastened hung tightly on your shoulders with two straps

My, give me a lesson on what’s in your prized possession

1865, 1964, and the expectation to strive as a classified poor citizen

Deprived of adequate compensation, just reparations, academic sessions

But remember, all that exists aren't lies held tightly by scheming spies giving you slips for suspension

Therefore take the weight and break the chaining chains


Did you know the smallest hands are capable of producing Hollywood dreams?

The pump that streams in your veins is what you interpret them to be

My, sad aromas of violins and clarinets fill the air with despair and hesitance

But my truest friends and mightiest superiors taught me patience and persistence

When the world tests your essence, seek me when the darkest blues hides in the deepest woods to vent

Only then can you fill questions with two-cents well spent as if you own rather rent

Therefore take the hands and break the chaining chains


Did you know that closed mouths don’t get fed and ones open breach beyond melodic tones?

A speakerphone that whispers into the brain like a pair of headphones

My, stand centered on the stage and speak a voice for the voiceless

While listening to the bump of your chest, give multiple choices to the choice-less

Rest your head on the best of faith daring to not escape under situations awaiting stress

Wreck the rhetoric of undermining individuals who neglect to provide your set the utmost respect

Therefore take the mouth and break the chaining chains

- Larry Thi

From the Team12 PLUSComment