Through our evidence-based, innovative approach, we’ve helped improve the college enrollment rate at our partner schools from 13% to over 95% in just a few short years, a remarkable development that has allowed our schools to shed their images as chronically underperforming neighborhood schools. Even better, 65% of 12+ alumni remain on track to earn a post-secondary degree, in comparison to only 10% of Philadelphia School District students. When students witness their peers—who have come from similar backgrounds—successfully pursue a post-secondary education, they begin to see college as a tangible reality and develop a newfound respect for their present education. As a result, attendance and graduation rates have also improved, grade point averages have increased, and students have stated a greater sense of belonging within their respective schools. All of these components have steadily cultivated a positive culture that builds upon itself every year, and grows in its influence and impact towards students.

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QURAM KING  |  Kensington Health Sciences Academy
College Choice: Indiana University of Pennsylvania

" A lot of kids in my neighborhood didn't finish high school. Honestly, before 12+, college was out of the question. It was kind of irrelevant....I knew I would get rejected, so I didn't even feel like I should attempt to apply because I knew I wouldn't get in." 

" I am the first in my family to go to college, my mom was really excited and jumped around....and my dad kind of got really was good."

"12+ changed my whole mindset about college and life after high school...and I feel like I have a bright future ahead of me."


MONICA MERCADO  |  Kensington Health Sciences Academy
College Choice: Millersville University

"College is important to me because it's like my way out of this neighborhood and the same cycles as my cousins who didn't finish school...or had run-ins with the law. I don't want to be like that...I want to go to college and do something..."

"When I first started to apply to college, I was like, I don't think I am going to get into any college"

"I am the first in my family to get into college"

"My favorite thing about 12+ is that it was like a support system that we all needed."